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II. National Tapfestival

Our Show
Our show can be varied according to the demands of the customers.
… a certain success
A show of 25-30 minutes where you can see a mixture of classical American tapdance, Irish light and hard shoe dances and Latin-American dances.
The American tapdance numbers recall the mood of the swing-era, the films of Fred Astaire... The Irish dances are very popular among the audience, with their spectacular movements and ear-flattering music. Together with the blood-stirring Latin-American dances, this show is a certain success with every kind of audience.

Rhythm and Shoes 
… if you want only the American tapdance
A show of 15-20 minutes, with 4-6 dancers, that takes you to the America of the 1920’s, 1930’s. A mixture of swing and show elements and elegant dance numbers, spiced with a tint of humour… You can make the show more colourful with Latin-American dances.
…if you want only the Irish dances
A show of 20 minutes, with 3-4-6 or 8 dancers, where you can meet the Celtic culture, ear-flattering Irish melodies and the spectacular steps of the Irish dances. Apart from the tapping hard shoe dances we present light shoe dances as well.
The prices depend on the time and the type of the show and the number of dancers appearing on stage. Beyond the boundaries of Debrecen, we also charge travel expenses (60-90 HUF/km (0,2-0,35 EUR/Km), thus eg. a presentation in Budapest costs an extra 26.000 HUF (105 EUR) apart from the price of the show).
The price of the show varies between 60.000-120.000 HUF (230-460 EUR).
(The prices do not include VAT.)
Technical requirements:
We need an area of at least 6 x 4 m. The floor must be hard (wooden-, parquet-, marble floor, etc). If this is not available for an extra cost we are able to take our own floor with us (made of OSB floor-pieces). We need about 10 minutes to fit them together and another 10 minutes to take it to pieces.
The music is on CD disk that we give to the sound-technician together with a detailed script of the show.
The dressing room should be near to the stage because the dancers have to change their costumes very quickly.
In theatres or in an open air it is important that the stage should be amplified with microphones, otherwise the audience will not hear the sound of the tapshoes.


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